100% Operate Trade

The Operator Trade package in MCX is for clients who want to work on intraday or Positional recommendations with bigger targets when compared with normal packages. This product is best suited for traders or investors who trade in all COMMODITIES TIPS like GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, CRUDE OIL, NATURAL GAS, NICKEL, LEAD, ZINC, ALUMINIUM and trade in multiple lots. The targets are higher when compared with stop losses so it does not wipe out your previous profits and the accuracy is the most distinguishing factor for this product.

This section is geared towards HNI individuals and institutions (including hedge funds, PE funds and other fund houses).

At MCX, we offered to a select group of High Net Worth Clients across India. These are clients who have trusted us for premium advice and have chosen us month over month based on highly professional and accurate recommendations that they receive from our team. Timeliness and accuracy are our pillars of strength. For this reason, the team only accepts a specific number of clients each month to ensure that each HNI client gets the full attention in a timely manner.


45500 Rs PM


35000 Rs PM

Base Metal

35000 Rs PM

All Mcx

95500 Rs